Additive Manufacturing in Industry

The Additive Manufacturing Association focuses on industrial applications of additive manufacturing and the successful use of different methods. So far, the integration of the new technologies has progressed in niches. The reports of manufacturers and users provide insights into leading technologies and their applications.

Technology Suppliers Report

Innovative mixing nozzle additively manufactured

19.10.2016 Thaletec uses additively manufactured porous structures for the finely dispersed insertion of gases into liquids

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Strengths of Industrial 3D Printing

19.10.2016 Applications at manufacturers of die casting machines and tools show how additive manufacturing proves its strengths exactly when conventional technology reaches its limits.

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Busbar Holders on a Sliding Rail – New Thinking with Additive Manufacturing

24.08.2016 Kegelmann Technik with an example for the use of additive manufacturing from the automobile industry

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Renishaw Additive Manufacturing
Interview with Christoph Kehrs
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