Additive Manufacturing in Industry

The Additive Manufacturing Association focuses on industrial applications of additive manufacturing and the successful use of different methods. So far, the integration of the new technologies has progressed in niches. The reports of manufacturers and users provide insights into leading technologies and their applications.

Technology Suppliers Report

Additively Manufactured Gas Turbine Blades at Full Load Output in a Gas Turbine

16.03.2017 Siemens has had a breakthrough with 3D-printed gas turbine blades in 3D. For the first time, a team of experts has tested at full load output in a gas turbine gas turbine blades that have been exclusively manufactured with additive technology.

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Busbar Holders on a Sliding Rail – New Thinking with Additive Manufacturing

Kegelmann Technik with an example for the use of additive manufacturing from the automobile industry

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Additive Manufacturing for automotive

The Materialise GmbH shows where additive Manufacturing could be used for a lightweight electric car.

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Innovative mixing nozzle additively manufactured

19.10.2016 Thaletec uses additively manufactured porous structures for the finely dispersed insertion of gases into liquids

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Strengths of Industrial 3D Printing

19.10.2016 Applications at manufacturers of die casting machines and tools show how additive manufacturing proves its strengths exactly when conventional technology reaches its limits.

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Lightweight instead massively from solid - Optimal geometry of a metallic coupling lever

The Krause DiMaTec GmbH with an example for the use of laser melting

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AM for aircraft industry

The three project partners airbus, Concept Laser and Laser Zentrum Nord are selected for the „Deutsche Zukunftspreis“. The topic is the development of parts for the aircraft using additive manufacturing

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3D Prototypes with Circuit Structures

Modern 3D printing technologies and other additive manufacturing technologies simplify product development, and they facilitate completely new products. With a special variant of laser direct structuring (LDS), laser specialist LPKF Laser & Electronics AG extends their range of functions.

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Clean rolls production - laser sintering met hygiene standards of the food industry

The Krause DiMaTec GmbH with a further example of the industrial application of additive manufactured parts.

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Renishaw Additive Manufacturing
  • FKT: Production of Complex Metal

  • Mapal: Light Weight Construction and Design Scope for Tool Production

  • Hermle: Additive Manufacturing of Injection Molding Tools with a High Gloss Surface

  • Phoenix Contact: Additive Manufacturing in Tool Construction

  • Oscar Frech: Strengths of Industrial 3D Printing

  • toolcraft: 3D Printing Improves Die Casting Molds and Injection Molding Tools

Process engineering
  • Thaletec: Additively Manufactured Enamelled Components
  • Thaletec: Short time to market
  • Krause DiMaTec: Additive Manufacturing Optimizes Prepress Production
  • Thaletec: Innovative mixing nozzle additively manufactured
  • Festo: Additive manufacturing processes for industrial applications
  • Schunk: Customized gripper finger produced with additive technologies
  • Schunk: Hole-gripper-production with rapid manufacturing
Mechanical Engineering
  • Bosch Rexroth: Pioneering work for castings of the future
  • Siemens: Spare Parts out of the
    Laser Chamber
  • Siemens: Industrial 3D Printing
Lightweight Construction
  • NASA Rockets Soon with Additively Manufactured Injection Nozzles?
  • Krause DiMaTec: Optimal geometry of a metallic coupling lever 
  • Renishaw and Empire Cycles: First 3D Printed Bicycle Frame Made of Titanium
  • Airbus, Concept Laser, Laserzentrum Nord: AM for aircraft industry
  • Altair: From the 3D Printer into Space

  • Materialise: Additive Manufacturing for automotive


  • Krause DiMaTec: Clean rolls production
  • LPKF Laser & Electronics: 3D Prototypes with Circuit Structures
  • LMD: Implementing complex components through laser sintering

  • Kegelmann Technik: Busbar Holders on a Sliding Rail