Interview with Manuel Laux, Head of AM Solutions
Torsten Wolschedorf, Managing Director of Prototec GmbH, talks in an interview about the current market development, the need for further development in the AM sector and his vision of AM processes in the year 2030
For 70 years, AZO GmbH + Co.KG has specialised in the handling of bulk goods. Its highly automated conveying, screening and dosing technology is in demand, particularly in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and plastics industries. In an interview, Development Manager Frank Pahl explains the advantages of professional powder handling, the expectations of the Osterburken-based company in the young AM market and his ideas about AM process chains in 2030.
With its innovative, energy-efficient sand blasting system, BMF GmbH - Bernstein Mechanische Fertigung from Grüna has not only won innovation awards at state and federal level since its foundation in 2007, but has also convinced many customers. In an interview, Managing Director Ronny Bernstein explains the increasingly networked after-treatment technology, BMF's dual role in additive manufacturing and its claim to be a problem solver.
innoCast GmbH from Langenfeld has specialised for 15 years in the fine and sand casting of prototypes and small batches of steel and iron alloys, aluminium and other metals. The most important target industries are automotive and energy plant construction. In an interview, Managing Director Dr. Thomas Bettermann explains the importance of additive processes for his company, their advantages and added value, and the relevance of AM networks.
Michael Wohlmuth is co-founder of Simufact Engineering GmbH in Hamburg, whose Strategic Business Development he is responsible for today. In an interview he explains the role of simulation in additive manufacturing, its added value for users and the contribution that simulation data can make to fully automated AM Smart Factories.
Dr. Alba Mena Subiranas, Vice President Maintenance & Reliability Solutions at BASF SE in Ludwigshafen, explains in an interview what her Additive Manufacturing division is doing and how she envisages additive production in 2030.
Since its foundation in 1996, H&H Gesellschaft für Engineering und Prototypenbau mbH has been dealing with additive manufacturing.
As product development manager at ANDRITZ KAISER GmbH in Bretten, additive technologies have fascinated Paolo Matassoni early on. In their application, he has always explored new roads. Today, his team uses the high degree of design freedom in construction and in material design for optimized component functions. In this interview, he talks about enthusiastic junior employees, new material combinations, and his expectations for additive processes in the year 2030.
Harmonic Drive AG is a leading supplier of drive technology with 450 employees at more than 20 locations worldwide. In the area of additive manufacturing, the company is present as a supplier and uses first in-house AM systems. In this interview, Annika Mehl from the company’s Business Development explains what matters in drive technology for AM systems, her estimates for market potential, and how she imagines a typical AM process chain in the year 2030.
ExOne GmbH from Gersthofen develops and builds binder jetting systems. In this interview, their general manager Roland Ladewig explains which materials can be processed in the inkjet-based 3D print technology, where this technology might be applied, and how he imagines a typical additive process chain in the year 2030.
AIM3D GmbH, a young company in Rostock, is driving its own additive manufacturing technology with composite extrusion modeling (CEM), and building corresponding systems. In this interview, their general manager Dr. Vincent Morrison explains how CEM differs from existing AM technologies, which materials to process with it, and how he imagines a typical AM process chain of the year 2030.
GMA managing director Ante Kaselj talks about challenges which quality testers are facing in the AM sector, about AM process chains in 2030, and about the reasons which prompted his company to join the Additive Manufacturing Association within VDMA recently.
In this interview, Dr. Ralf Gärtner, Managing Director of Protiq GmbH, talks about their business model, his aims in the AM working group and his vision for additive manufacturing in 2030.
Interview with Alexander Jakschik, chairman of the board for marketing and finances at ULT AG
Interview with Carsten Merklein, head of the Additive Manufacturing Department at Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG
In this interview, Johannes Krumme, Sales Manager Vacuum Conveying, talks about challenges in vacuum conveying technology in the AM sector, a completely digital order processing with 3D-printed grippers, and his expectations for AM process chains in 2030.
Interview with Dr. Karsten Heuser, Vice President for Additive Manufacturing in the Siemens Division Digital Factory in Erlangen, responsible for these activities.
Interview with Daniel Guizard, Aalberts Industries
In this interview, manager Tobias Röhrich explains the existing range of materials, why a new design is not necessarily indispensable, and how he imagines a fully automated additive process chain.
Siemens AG, I IA AS S OEM, Nuremberg
“This is not about toys…”
Rainer Gebhardt, VDMA Expert on Additive Manufacturing, gives in interview providing insights into the question of what the Additive Manufacturing Association within VDMA aims at doing and how members benefit
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