Additive Manufacturing Technologies


The variety of additive manufacturing processes is impressive in terms of the type of technology implemented, performance and applications. The Association provides opportunities for all members to exchange insights into know-how and multiple requirements.
Detailed descriptions and examples of each technology can be found on the right side.

Additive Manufacturing: An Overview

3D Real-Time Monitoring

14.03.2016 In-situ process monitoring is one of the strategic technology areas of Concept Laser, and is one which the machine manufacturer is now expanding to include the QMmeltpool 3D for three-dimensional real-time monitoring.

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Industrialization of Additive Manufacturing Makes Binding Standards Indispensable

13.02.2016 Additive Manufacturing has begun to outgrow its old applications in prototyping as it is more and more implemented for production of serial parts. Yet for a broad industrial use, it lacks binding standards and automation in the printing process.

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TruPrint Systems for Production of Complex Functional Components

12.02.2016 Since the end of 2015, Trumpf in Ditzingen has been delivering their complex and robust systems for additive manufacturing of metallic parts through Laser Metal Fusion (LMF).

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Laser Metal Deposition with Integrated Milling Process
3D Printing Technologies