Additive Manufacturing Technologies


The variety of additive manufacturing processes is impressive in terms of the type of technology implemented, performance and applications. The Association provides opportunities for all members to exchange insights into know-how and multiple requirements.
Detailed descriptions and examples of each technology can be found on the right side.

Additive Manufacturing: An Overview

New Additive Manufacturing Technology Produces Metal Parts

07.09.2017 - Economical manufacturing of parts up to 3 m³ and 3,000 kg - Machine available as 3- or 5-axis machining centre

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Additive Manufacturing Possible with Two-Component Fluids - Fluids Are Built Up Additively with Extruder

11.08.2017 The company ViscoTec’s technology allows for printing two-component (2K) fluids and pastes with the highest precision and consistency throughout the whole printing process.

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Restistant Coating of AM Parts with High Surface Quality

11.08.2017 Silicon Dioxide-Based Coating for Additively Manufactured Parts of Stainless Steel

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Laser Metal Deposition with Integrated Milling Process
3D Printing Technologies
Standardisation for Additive Manufacturing